Just in case you missed them, below are some of our past drive in features. To watch, just click on the image and the presentation should start in a new window.

Summer of Steele:
(Barbara Steele that is)
"The Horrible Dr. Hitchcock" &
"Terror Creatures From The Grave"

Copa Co-Corman Double Feature "Last Woman On Earth" & "She Gods Of Shark Reef"

Down By The Sea-Side "Dr. Blood's Coffin" & Dennis Hopper in "Night Tide"

Hippy Halloween Double Feature “Messiah of Evil” & “Crypt of the Living Dead”

Black Friday: Mantan Moreland in "King of Zombies", "Law of the Jungle" & "Revenge of the Zombies"

Holiday Horror "Silent Night, Bloody Night" & "Blood Freak"

The Halls Double Feature
"Eegah" &
"The Nasty Rabbit"

Dinner Time Double Feature "Blood Feast" & "The Undertaker And His Pals"

Phantom Fun Marathon: Bela Lugosi in "The Phantom Creeps"

Mad Science Spring "The She Demons" & "The Manster"

Summer Slither "The Rattlers" & "Devil Times Five"

Ed & Bela Double Feature "Bride of the Monster"
& "Glen Or Glenda"

Eddie's Criminal Double Feature "Jailbait" & "The Violent Years"

Frankie Fun Double Feature "Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks" & "Frankenstein 80"

Loopy Looney Double Feature "The Sadist" & "Trauma"

Spaced-Out Double Feature "The Wizard of Mars" & "Mutiny In Outer Space"

Doomsday For Christmas

South of the Boarder
"The Brainiac" & "CALTIKI -
The Immortal Monster"

Juicy Jungle Triple Feature "Bride of the Gorilla", "Forbidden Jungle" & "Blonde Savage"

Monkey Shine Triple Feature "Nabonga", "White Pongo" & "The White Gorilla"

Vamps In Bloom:
"The Playgirls And The Vampire"
& "The Vampire's Coffin"

Another Cheap Corman
Double Feature

"Attack Of The Crab Monsters"
& "Not Of This Earth"

Wet Head Double Feature
"Monstroid: It Came From The Lake" & "Death Ship"

Diabolically Dead Double Feature "Castle of the Living Dead" & "Cave of the Living Dead

Summer Shock:
"Beach Girls And The Monster"
& "Horror at the Beach Party"

Zucco Triple Treat
"The Mad Monster", "Dead
Men Walk" & "The Black Raven"

Demons & The Dead
""Death Bed" &
"House of the Dead"

Crazed Karloff Triple Feature "The Man Who Changed His Mind", "The Ape" & "Juggernaut"

Kung Fu Kristmas:
"The Dragon Lives Again" &
"Killer of Snake, Fox of Shaolin"

Priceless Double Feature
"Twice Told Tales" &
"The Last Man On Earth"

Triple Feature of Terror
"The Screaming Skull",
"I Bury The Living" & "Devil's Partner"

Vivacious Vampire Double Feature
"Fangs of the Living Dead"
& "The Vampire Happening"

Filipino Fun Double Feature
"Mad Doctor of Blood Island" & "Beast of the Yellow Night"

Spring Fling Double Feature
"The Woman Eater" &
"The Monster of Piedras Blancas"

Nudie Cutie Triple Treat "Nude On The Moon", "Diary Of A Nudist" & "House On Bare Mountain"

Bloody Fun Double Feature
"Legacy Of Blood"
& "Blood Mania"

Corman Summer Spectacular "Day The World Ended", "It Conquered The World", "The Undead" & "War of the Satellites"

Better Late... Double Feature "Tomb Of Torture" & "Blood Thirst"

Summer Sci-Fi Triple Feature "Missile To The Moon", "The Lost
Missile" & "The Cosmic Man"

Fresh Fleshy Double Feature
"The Crawling Hand"
& "The Flesh Eaters"

Hercules Halloween "The Son of Hercules In The Land Of Darkness" & "Hercules In The Haunted World"

58 Monster:"The Curse of the Faceless Man", "Half Human" & "Fiend Without A Face"

Weird Women Double Feature
"The Body Shop" (aka "Dr. Gore") & "House of Exorcism"

Mansion Murder Double Feature "The Strangler Of Blackmoor Castle" & "Curse Of The Living Corpse"

Covid Kink Triple Feature "Chained Girls", "Take Me Naked" & "Orgy Of The Dead"

More Mantan Multi-Feature "Irish Luck", "On The Spot", "Up In The Air" & "You're Out Of Luck"

Covid Creatures Triple Feature
"Invasion of the Neptune Men", "Varan The Unbelievable" & "The Prince of Space"

Tucker Treats
"The Strange World of Planet X"
& "The Trollenberg Terror"

Tarzan Triple "Tarzan-The
Fearless","New Adventures of Tarzan" & "Tarzan And The Green Goddess"

Sci-Fi Science
"The Night Caller" &
"War Between The Planets"

Summertime Slaughter "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" & "Horror High"

The Devil You Say
"The Devil's Hand"
& "Burn Witch Burn"

Fun Franco Double Feature
"Attack of the Robots" &
"The Diabolical Dr. Z"

8-Legged Double Feature
"Giant Spider Invasion" &
"Kingdom of the Spiders"

Classic Cameron Mitchell "Maneater of Hydra" & "Nightmare In Wax"

Another Black Friday
"Black Sunday" & "Slaughter
of the Vampires"

Covid Christmas Double Feature "Little Red Riding Hood And The Monsters" & "The Magic Sword"

Vampires Take Over "The Vampires Night Orgy" & "The Satanic Rites of Dracula"

Sensational Santo "Samson Vs. The Vampire Women" & "Samson In The Wax Museum"

Infamous Imports "Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster" & "Terror Beneath The Sea"

Shark Bytes Double Feature
"Mako - Jaws of Death"
& "Tentacles"

Al & Regina Double Feature "Brain of Blood" & "Blood of Ghastly Horror"
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