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Hello and welcome back to a rather chilly cinema still trapped in the throes of the Wu Wu Flu. And, like that infamous bug which has spread throughout our world, we thought we could present a couple pieces of cinematic covid which spread across the planet in the mid-60s.

First up, after a few coming attractions and a Tom & Jerry cartoon, we bring you Porto Rico's most (in)famous commitment to celluloid, "Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster". If you don't know, this masterpiece deals with aliens wanting earth women and it's up to robot "Frank" to stop them. Then, after a brief intermission, we close out with 1966's Japanese mashup of spies and monsters, "Terror Beneath The Sea", featuring Sonny Chiba taking on a monster making mad scientist deep under the ocean.

Now, as you should already know, our little demented drive-in thrives on showing imported movies, but we thought we would promote that fact now and, like the China Covid, these two films have been around a long time, over staying their welcome.

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