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Hello and welcome back to everyone's favorite Covid-friendly drive in; and, just in time for the U.S. celebration of Thanksgiving, we thought we would bring you another "Black Friday" special. However, given the state of the world, we thought the comic styling of Mantan Moreland may not be all that appropriate. So, instead, we moved things back a couple of days to "Black Sunday" and the Italian vampire stylings of Mario Brava.

First up, after a few coming attractions and a family Thanksgiving special, we proudly present 1960's "Mask of Satan" (aka "Black Sunday"), Brava's first official directorial effort starring the lovely Barbara Steele. Then, following a brief intermission, we finish the evening with 1962's "Slaughter of the Vampires", another Italian offering that has nothing to do with Brava or Steele.

As we said, given all this Covid crap and the politics involved, we thought a few vampires and witches would suit this holiday a bit better than some comedy because we believe, sadly, there is enough real comedy going on in the real world.

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