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Hello and welcome back to your favorite covid-free cinema-plex of nosferatu fun and hijinks. Tonight, we forget all the "fake" news and true news so we can take a look at the way some vampires might run things including how the Count himself would handle a pandemic.

First up, after the normal coming attractions and a Bugs Bunny cartoon, we start out with 1973's "The Vampires Night Orgy", a Spanish effort about the undead running a whole town. Then, following a brief intermission, we close out with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in Hammer's last Dracula effort, "The Satanic Rites of Dracula". In this "period" piece, Dracula wants to use a new strain of the bubonic plague to kill off mankind, basically taking away his own food source.

Politics aside, these creatures of the night aren't that bad at running things. Drac even manages to set up a multi-million dollar corporation; but, like real life, things just don't seem to work out. Unless, of course you steal what you want in which case, maybe the vampires should get some news organizations and judges on their side.

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